Pectus Excavatum and Carinatum Treatment


The physicians at the Pectus Clinic specialize in the treatment of pectus Excavatum and pectus Carinatum. Pectus Excavatum is a birth defect of the chest occurring in approximately 1 of every 400 children; while pectus Carinatum rare. It generally does not cause major issues, and the corrective procedure is often done for cosmetic reasons. It can cause physical problems such as cardiac arrhythmia  or other problems involving the chest area due to the pressure on organs.

The Nuss procedure is preferred because it is minimally invasive and involves placing a steel bar behind the sternum to push it into the proper position. The Pectus Clinic uses the Nuss Operation In South Africa. A non-surgical approach is a chest brace that applies pressure at specific points to reshape the chest, and this is adjusted monthly. The Pectus Clinic also uses the Chest Brace In South Africa.


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