Pectus Excavatum is a Treatable Condition


PectusExcavatum, also known as funnel chest, is a condition where the ribs and sternum grow abnormally causing the anterior chest wall to appear sunken in. This disorder is a congenital deformity that is noticed soon after birth. Pectus Excavatum becomes more prominent during adolescence. Although females can present with this disorder, it is more often found in males.

PectusExcavatum Repair

There are mild and severe cases of PectusExcavatum. People with mild forms of this condition can utilize physical therapy treatments. Specific exercises may help improve posture and increase chest expansion. For those with more severe cases, your doctor may suggest surgery as a way to repair the chest cavity. PectusExcavatummay cause impairment of the lungs and heart. This disorder causes the chest wall to restrict breathing and reduce lung capacity. It also forces the heart to one side of the chest, where it is unable to function properly.


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