Find best pectus excavatum specialist

Finding a pectus excavatum specialist should not be a problem if you know what this is in the first place. The surprising thing is that this condition is becoming extremely common all over the world nowadays. There are more and more cases of this abnormal development of the chest region. It can be mild or severe in nature and it does not discriminate against gender, race or social status. Anyone and everyone can get it. It does happen quite a lot in infants but even older children can develop pectus excavatum. Just as complicated as the name sounds, the treatment is even more complex and that is why you need a specialist.
What is Pectus Excavatum?

It would only be fair to explain what this condition is all about. Generally, to downplay its seriousness, it is just another fancy name that is given to a concave or funnel chest. It is the most common (as aforementioned) deformity of the chest wall affecting at least 2 in every 30 children. This condition causes the sternum and several ribs to grow abnormally. In a majority of patients, the sternum grows inwards and this gives the chest a caved or sunken appearance. It does not sound all that fancy anymore, right?

Here is the interesting part of the story: researchers still have no idea why it happens. There are some theories but the explanation is not properly executed. It is currently classified as a genetic disorder. Statistics shows that close to 37% of all patients suffering from pectus excavatum, have a first degree family member who has a funnel chest.  It is therefore another condition to worry about when you are planning to have a baby. Find out whether any of your family members had or has a funnel chest. One thing that a pectus excavatum specialist will console you with is the fact that it can be treated.


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